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Welcome to your new favorite snack!

At this time we are only able to provide our “Sweet Treats”. Treehouse Healthy Eats was made as a way to provide healthier snack options on the go. As a busy mom myself it was difficult getting off of work, grabbing the children from two different daycare centers, getting them to sports, and making sure they were eating food that fueled them instead of bogging them down. Freeze dried food gives the ability to have healthy food on hand at all times. Food becomes shelf stable so you can keep some in the pantry, a backpack, purse, or wherever you find convenient for you.


Freeze drying food starts with freezing the food in a chamber. After frozen a vacuum pump sucks all of the air out of the chamber, the food is then heated and the water sublimates eliminating moisture and making the food shelf stable.

Wow Factor

With all of the options available the possibilities are endless. Ice cream, skittles, chilli, cucumbers, or watermelon.


Freeze-dried food preserves 97% of the foods nutrition. Dehydrating compares at 60% while canned food is 40%.


Freeze-dried food provides something for everyone. Emergency preparedness (up to a 25 year shelf life), backpacking, camping, pick me up sweet treats, or having healthier options at an easy access.


At this time we are unable to ship the products. We are located in Moses Lake, WA so all pick-ups must be local.

Best Quality

The product is processed while it is fresh preserving 97% of the nutrients.

Best Offers

We make it a goal to provide the product at a better price than competition. We believe these convenient foods should be available to everyone.

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